About us

Paul van der Heijden, Chef-Patron

I was born in Amersfoort in 1982; since 1990 I have lived in Limburg with great pleasure! During my study at the Hotelschool Heerlen I did my practical training at Restaurant Chez Jacques in Maastricht, where no one other than Michelin Star Chef Mr. Jacques Zeguers taught me the tricks of the trade! He enlarged my passion for cooking even more. Ever since my study it has been my ultimate dream to start my own restaurant one day. Therefore I have gained several years of experience in a variety of cuisines.


I have always liked to attract young people to choose this beautiful profession and to make them familiar with the aspects of cooking and hosting. That is why we decided Papaz to be a Student company for trainee cooks and hostesses.


By now our guests are accustomed to our surprising Mediteranean dishes with a Middle Eastern twist; our menu is slighly different, and especially this unique difference appears to be a great success! Furthermore we offer our guests changing weekly menus on the chalk boards.

Parinaz Shekarabi, Hostess

I originally come from Iran and since 2003 I have been living in The Netherlands. After my studies (Dutch language and ‘Bio-Science’) I have worked in the Pharmacy sector for 7 years, followed by a 5-year-employment at Ahold Food Company as a Category Meat supervisor. In 2017 I decided to move to Maastricht, in order to be together with my beloved friend Paul.

As a result of my father’s work our family has moved many times to different countries in the world. This is why I became increasingly interested in the different cultures and cuisines. As I was a little girl my parents took me to restaurants to make me familiar with all kinds of flavours. In our kitchen at home many different flavours were applied in our recipes as well. Cooking and dining brings people together and offers family and friends a pleasant get-together. My aim is to also create this cosy atmosphere for our guests at Papaz. In December 2017 Paul and I started our beautiful restaurant Papaz, where we and our team successfully give shape to our unique concept.