Papaz during TEFAF 2019

Dear exhibitor and visitor of TEFAF 2019

We would like to welcome you to the European Fine Art Fair 2019 edition where the finest quality of art from across the ages comes to the beautiful city of Maastricht in the south of The Netherlands. The city will be hosting you and other world’s top art dealers and experts to inspire lovers and buyers of art everywhere around the world.

Over more than 25 years Maastricht city has been the host of TEFAF and we are more than proud that the city of Maastricht and the organization of The European Fine Art Fair have agreed upon another 10 year contract. As one says: never change a winning team!
In addition to the need to maintain warm relationships the city of Maastricht is constantly working on development and expansion of the cultural and gastronomical treasures which Maastricht owns.
Therefore we would like to welcome you in our Restaurant Papaz, Spoorweglaan 2, in the beautiful and trendy “Wyck” district, near to the central railway station.

Our unique concept makes this place a true gastronomical experience since the Mediterranean cuisine meets the Middle-East spices and sauces and combines the two worlds in a splendid way. Besides the nice Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern dishes, we work with fresh local products and we have new Chef’s specialities every week.

In Papaz we bring the various tastes of the world together: what TEFAF does with art, Papaz does with food in a similar friendly and heart-warming atmosphere.

We will be pleased to welcome you to our restaurant as soon as you get the chance to be pampered during the very busy days of your stay in Maastricht!

Yours sincerely,

Paul van der Heijden & Parinaz Shekarabi, owners

A gastronomical ‘fusion’of Mediterranean dishes with a Middle Eastern twist


At Papaz we offer you meat, fish or vegetarian dishes of a very high standard at an affordable price. We have the benefit of the wide-ranging experience we have gained during several journeys we made together in the past few years. Abroad we recognized and discovered a variety of flavours and products.

At Papaz we also use regional products, but just a little bit different, creating surprising and unique combinations.

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Herbs & spices

All herbs and spices, which make the cuisine of Papaz so special, come directly from Iran!


We are pleased to introduce our menu. All ingredients have been chosen with care and are obtained from the best regional suppliers. All herbs and spices, which make the dishes in Papaz so unique, come directly from Iran!
Come to Papaz soon! Discover and taste well-known products with surprising flavours!

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